Why live with JRD

We don't just build apartments. We create real homes for people that are pleasant to live in. And we believe in them so much that not only our clients, whose satisfaction is our first priority, live in them, but also ourselves.

“We specialize in passive and low-energy houses, which, combined with cutting-edge architecture and a respectful approach to the surrounding environment, bring countless benefits to the owners of our residences.”


Benefits of healthy housing

Energy saving

  • Lower heating costs
  • Get a head start with modern technology
  • A profitable investment for the future
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Thermal comfort

Controlled ventilation with heat recovery keeps our apartments comfortable. In the hot summer, the apartment is comfortable even without air conditioning, and because we don't have to ventilate, in winter you don't lose precious heat through open windows. The apartment is always comfortable, as you like it between 20 and 23 °C. Controlled ventilation ensures air circulation, so that the ideal humidity of 35% - 50% is maintained in the apartment, it is easy to breathe and mould, bacteria and dust mites have no chance.

true silence

  • We use windows with triple glazing
  • We have developed a special floor composition and innovative masonry
  • We pay attention to sophisticated sanitation
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Acoustic comfort for the whole family

It is difficult to determine which noise in the apartment is more annoying. Traffic from the street, noise from the stairwell, or noise from the neighbors. Perfect soundproofing, special windows with triple glazing and the ideal floor composition will already ensure that you have your own oasis of peace at home and nothing disturbs you from your favourite activities.

Director of Product Management

Ing. Petr Valeš

After studying at the Czech Technical University he worked in several design studios and then headed into residential development. Today he is the Director of Product Management at JRD Real Estate and above all the arbiter of the quality of a healthy indoor environment for all our projects. And because he is a professional who does his job with tremendous dedication, it continually drives him to push the standards of healthy and environmentally friendly living to the next level. It is no exaggeration to say that Peter is a man in his own right.

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Healthy housing

Fresh air all day long

Fresh air throughout the day is very important for a well-functioning body and mind, as well as for a healthy sleep. This is best ensured by the automatically controlled ventilation system we equip all our apartments with. No more draughts or open windows in freezing weather. Controlled ventilation with heat recovery also keeps harmful CO2 levels low.

Healthy climate with minimum dust and pollen

The fresh air from outside passes into the apartment through dust and possibly pollen filters. The amount of dust particles, dirt and irritating allergens brought in from the outside is thus reduced to a minimum. High-quality insulation and controlled ventilation technology with heat recovery maintain a pleasant indoor climate in winter and summer with minimal heating or cooling costs.

Optimal apartment humidity

Did you know that the average family produces up to 10 litres of water vapour a day? That's a lot for an apartment. Despite the precisely sealed building envelope, we remove this moisture with an automatic ventilation system. This means that mould, mites and bacteria do not breed in JRD apartments. Read more about healthy living with JRD.

Energy saving

Half the operating costs

Our low-energy houses and energy passive houses can save up to 85% of heating costs compared to conventional new builds. We achieve this low consumption thanks to the optimal use of solar energy, special layered insulation and eco-friendly warm-air heating with heat recovery. Thanks to the savings, we are then able to offer a higher standard at a comparable price.

Get a head start with modern technology

Due to the use of state-of-the-art technology and top-quality materials, we can offer truly luxurious apartments for sale. With a healthy indoor environment and well thought out layouts, they will provide maximum comfort for your whole family. They also save the environment and your wallet.

A profitable investment for the future

At current energy prices, you will save approximately CZK 7,000 - 15,000 per year on heating in JRD flats. As energy prices rise, so will the amount of savings on heating and the market price of low-energy and passive houses. Read more about sustainable housing and energy savings.

Maximum comfort


The generously designed windows, reaching down to the ground, are not interrupted by profiles that would spoil the view outside. Even the little ones can enjoy the view.

Ingeniously designed interiors

The internal layout of each JRD apartment is thought out to the last detail. The main living rooms are always spaciously designed and have large south-facing windows to maximize the time when the sun shines into the living rooms, and the apartments are well lit.

Healthy artificial light

For times of year when natural light is scarce, make use of even and healthy artificial lighting, which we will be happy to advise you on.

true silence

We use windows with triple glazing

Whether a tram passes under your windows or the children from the nearby playground shriek, thanks to the triple-glazed windows and the perfect building envelope, you will hear almost nothing.

We have developed a special floor composition and innovative masonry

You won't hear about your neighbours watching a suspenseful horror movie on TV or practicing polka in our apartments. Together with the UCEEB, we have developed a special floor composition that is up to 35% quieter than the standards. We have also been involved in the development of the innovative Vapis10 masonry with excellent acoustic properties. For the interstitial walls, we use a masonry that exceeds the standard requirements by 5 dB.

We pay attention to sophisticated sanitation

In our apartments, you will not be disturbed by unpleasant noises from the bathrooms and toilets of the neighbours. We use acoustically soundproofed bathtubs for which we have designed a technological procedure for their safe installation. You don't have to worry about the noise from the air conditioning system, which brings fresh air into the apartment. In fact, we use special ducting that is up to 30% quieter, which means that even those who can hear the grass grow can sleep well in our apartments.

psychological well-being

Community gardens

Around our projects you will find thoughtful community gardens and terraces where you can, for example, plant your own vegetables or herbs, barbecue or sit with your neighbours.

Relaxation zones

More than one person can fit on our extended benches. And if you want to sunbathe, you can carry the bench out into the sun.

Mature trees and own shrubs

In the park around our projects, we are planting mature trees and shrubs from our own nursery. So that you feel the right comfort at home.

Benefits of energy-efficient housing

To get a better idea of the differences between conventional and low-energy buildings, the following comparison is useful.


Heat demand for heating [kWh/(m2a)]

Parameter Routine construction Passive construction Units
Floor area of the building 150 150 m2
Specific heat demand for heating 92 15 kWh/m2 per year
Annual heat demand for heating 13 800 2 250 kWh per year
Energy requirement for hot water preparation 3 050 3 050 kWh per year
Energy consumption for lighting 800 800 kWh per year
Energy consumption for appliance operation 2 300 2 300 kWh per year
Energy consumption for operation of technical equipment by variant by variant kWh per year

Controlled ventilation with heat recovery

In addition, our project standards include controlled ventilation with heat recovery, which has a major impact on the indoor environment of your home.

The ventilation in the apartments from JRD is automatically controlled by a computer system. Their inhabitants do not have to worry about opening the windows on a regular basis and at the same time fresh air flows into the apartment without any draughts, which provides enough oxygen for everyday activities and quality sleep. It also prevents problems that occur in ordinary apartments – high carbon dioxide levels, increased humidity and associated mould growth. Controlled ventilation thus has a positive effect on health, physical and mental condition. Especially people with allergies, eczema and asthma perceive the positive influence of a healthy environment in a passive apartment.

How heat recovery works

Controlled ventilation with heat recovery serves to ensure optimal air exchange in the building while minimizing heat loss during ventilation. Controlled ventilation ensures the supply of fresh air without any draughts and removes dirt and dust from the outside environment by means of filters. This air is then heated by the heat from the operation of the household (heat given off by human bodies, heat from domestic appliances, cooking or solar radiation coming through windows), which is passed on to the exhaust air from the interior in the heat exchanger. The air brought indoors will thus reach a comfortable and stable temperature, ensuring a comfortable living environment.

Advantages of recuperation

Stable indoor temperature 365 days a year

24 hours fresh air without draughts

Easy maintenance

Annual savings on heating up to 15 000 CZK

Mould, pollen and mite free rooms

Low levels of harmful CO2

Environmentally friendly

Minimum ambient noise level

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