Just imagine it, you wake up in the morning and there is fresh air in your bedroom without ventilating. Your head doesn't ache from the airless room and you feel refreshed. And what about a bothersome draught or dust and various allergies to pollen? You can forget all this. Even worries about keeping an eye on moisture. The smart ventilation system and CO2 sensor will deal with it for you.

Our tip:

Take care of your windows and treat them to a regular check by experts, so that air flows into your apartment only when you want it. Ventilate as little as possible, in order not to let smog and dust in. Leave worries about fresh air to the ventilation system.


Managed ventilation with heat recuperation maintains the right temperature in our apartments. In the hot summer it is pleasant in the apartment even without air conditioning, so we don't have to ventilate, in the winter expensive heat doesn't unnecessarily escape through an open window. The temperature is always pleasant inside the apartment, the way you like it - between 20–23 °C. Managed ventilation ensures air circulation, so that ideal humidity of 35%–50% is maintained in the apartment, it is easy to breathe, and mould, bacteria and house dust mites have no chance.

Our tip:

The generous windows allow not only plenty of light into the apartment in winter, but significantly contribute to the warming of the whole interior. In the summer months you can reduce undesirable overheating of rooms using a suitable type of shading.


We spend most time shut in buildings with artificial lighting. Natural daylight is, however, important for our health. It has an influence on our biological functions, the quality of sleep and our overall mood. In our apartments plenty of daylight is provided by the generously designed windows. At a time there is a lack of daylight, we can light the apartment with balanced lighting.

Our tip:

Healthy, full-spectrum lighting, compared to ordinary lighting, mitigates tiredness of the eyes, does not distort colours and supports the regeneration of the organism. Such lighting will be appreciated by everybody, even if they have sight as good as a lynx.


It is hard to determine which noise is more bothersome in an apartment. Traffic from the street, din from the staircase or noise from the neighbours. Perfect soundproofing, special windows with triple glazing and an ideal floor composition will ensure that your home is an oasis of peace and quiet and nothing disturbs you from your favourite activities.

Our tip:

Don't forget that acoustic comfort is one of the most important properties of houses and apartments. You and your nearest and dearest deserve a peaceful and quiet home.


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