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Naše výhody

Naše výhody


Healthy and thrifty living is not en empty claim for us. It is the foundation of our philosophy for which we fight. We don't just build flats. We create real homes for people. And we believe in them so truly that not only our clients, whose satisfaction is a priority for us, live there. So do we.


Naše výhody

JRD. We build 
healthy homes.


Fresh air 24/7

Fresh air throughout the day is a basic requirement for your body and brain to function properly - including healthy sleep. The best way to ensure that is the automated ventilation system with heat recuperation, the basic standard in all of our residencies. No more air drafts or freezing winter air. The system also monitors and regulates air humidity to it's ideal level.

Healthy climate without pollen and dust

The outer fresh air enters the inner space through dust and pollen filters. That minimizes the presence of dust, impurities, pollen and allergens. The automated ventilation system and high-quality insulation also ensure pleasant environment both in summer and winter without need for air-conditioning.

Optimal air humidity

Did you know the average family generates up to 10 litres of water vapours a day? That is quite a lot for a closed environment. The automated ventilation system monitors the humidity via special sensors. The outcome is an environment without mold, mites nor bacteria.


Half the costs of heating

Our low-energy and passive houses can lower the heating costs by up to 85 %. That can be achieved by using solar energy, special layered insulation and ecological hot-air heating with heat recuperation. Thanks to the cuts in costs we can offer higher standards of living for fully comparable price to other developers.

Usage of modern technologies

Thanks to the technologies used we are offering truly luxurious estates. With the healthy environment and smart interior solutions they are a comfortable home for you and your family. They are also friendly to the environment and your wallet.

Clever investment in your future

Thanks to the quality of our products, the market price of our flats and houses will rise steadily in the future. You will also be less dependent on the rising prices of energy on the market.


Reduction of outside noise

Efficient insulation and special windows with tripple glass layer blocks any noise from the outside which adds to the warm feeling of home. Thanks to the fresh air and lack of noise, you can enjoy relaxation at all times.

Smart interior solutions

The interiors of each of our flats are thought through to every single detail. The main living areas are alwyas spacious with large windows pointed to the south. The comfort is further strenghtened by elevated ceilings, large storage spaces and natural high-quality materials.

Greenery within reach

We carefully pick the locations of our projects. The main criterion is always nature within reach with a wealthy spare time possibilities. The close neighborhood of your home will also be full of greenery because we will plant there a fully grown trees and bushes that we cultivate in our own nursery.


Minimal strain on the environment

The operation of our estates puts up to 6 times smaller strain on the nature compared to other common new buildings. We lower the energy consumption thanks to considerate technologies and using renewable sources which leads to significant cut in emission production.

Renewable energy sources

Instead of common fossil fuels and industrial energy we use environmentaly friendly sources: e.g. solar panels for water heating, hot-air heating or photovoltaic panels to generate electrical energy.

Ecological constructions

Also the constructions themselves is being ecological. We minimize the extent of digging and soil transfers. We also support recovery of natural rain-water cycle on the property area. The quality of the construction is continually tested to prevent any irresponsible consequences.

Výhody nízkoenergetického bydlení

Pro lepší představu o rozílech mezi klasickými a nízkoenergetickými stavbami poslouží následující srovnání.


Potřeba tepla na vytápění [kWh/(m2a)]

Parametr Běžná výstavba Pasivní výstavba Jednotky
Podlahová plocha objektu 150 150 m2
Měrná potřeba tepla na vytápění 92 15 kWh/m2 za rok
Roční potřeba tepla na vytápění 13 800 2 250 kWh za rok
Potřeba energie na přípravu teplé vody 3 050 3 050 kWh za rok
Spotřeba energie na osvětlení 800 800 kWh za rok
Spotřeba energie na provoz spotřebičů 2 300 2 300 kWh za rok
Spotřeba energie na provoz tech. zařízení dle varianty dle varianty kWh za rok


One of our standards is automated ventilation with heat recuperation system which fundamentally affects the inner environment of your home.

Ventilation in our flats is automatically controlled by computer system. As a consequence, their inhabitants don't have to put effort into regular ventilation which goes hand in hand with outside noise, drafts, allergens and pollution. You will be able to enjoy perfect environment for your body, mind and healthy sleep. It also eliminates mold, mites and bacteria by keeping an optimal level of humidity. Our flats are especially beneficial to people suffering from allergies, eczema or asthma.

Jak funguje rekuperace tepla

Řízené větrání s rekuperací tepla slouží k zajištění optimální výměny vzduchu v objektu a zároveň minimalizaci tepelných ztrát při větrání. Řízené větrání zajišťuje přísun čerstvého vzduchu bez jakýchkoliv průvanu do bytu a pomocí filtrů jej zbavuje nečistot a prachu z venkovního prostředí. Tento vzduchu je následně ohřátý teplem z provozu domácnosti (teplo vydávané lidskými těly, teplo z domácích spotřebičů, z vaření nebo sluneční záření pronikající okny), které mu předá odváděný vzduch z interiéru v rekuperačním výměníku. Vzduchu přidávěný do interiéru tak získá příjemnou a stabilní teplotu, která zajistí komfortní prostředí pro bydlení.

Stabilní vnitřní teplota 365 dní v roce

24 hodin čerstvý vzduch bez průvanu

Snadná údržba

Roční úspora na vytápění až 15 000 Kč

Prostory bez plísní, pylu a roztočů

Nízká hladina škodlivého CO2

Šetrné k životnímu prostředí

Minimální hlučnost vnějšího prostředí

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