JRD's ten commandments

Plenty of fresh air for an active life and quality rest thanks to a system that ensures managed ventilation with recuperation. Filtering outdoor air restricts the occurrence of dust, dirt and irritating allergens.

Preventing the overheating of the interior in the summer months through the installation of exterior jalousies, architecture with shading elements or thanks to green roofs,

A path for natural light enabled by a building’s architecture with sufficient glazing and a suitable building layout.

A quiet internal environment in an apartment thanks to the use of structures with sufficient acoustic and footstep soundproofing and windows with triple glazing that deflect noise from the external environment.

Use of medically harmless interior materials not giving off volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Plenty of high-quality artificial light and its optimum distribution in accordance with the purpose for which it is designed.

Deepening of mental health in rest zones for use with children, friends or in community projects.

Creation of places for active leisure time (bicycle service stations, bicycle washers, stands, workout elements, children’s playgrounds, etc.).ice, myčky kol, stojany, workoutové prvky, dětská hřiště atd.)

Plenty of green space outside the building’s windows for life in harmony with nature. Playgrounds, trees and relaxation zones located effectively and functionally.

Education for the public about healthy living and minimising the negative consequences for the environment due to environmentally-friendly construction, the use of renewable resources and the actual operation of the apartment.

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