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JRD presents its new logo. It was created in cooperation with Najbrt studio.

JRD Group presents its new logo. It was given on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its foundation. The new logo is the central element of the new corporate visual identity, for the preparation of which JRD chose the well-known Czech graphic studio Najbrt.


Jan Řežáb commented on the Czech national bank's s actions on Czech TV ČT24

As part of the fight against inflation, the Czech national bank raised interest rates again. Jan Řežáb discussed with Czech national bank's Vice Governor Marek Mora what effect this will have on residential development and housing construction on Czech TV channel ČT24. The discussion begins in about 34 minutes of the show.

Video in Czech here.


We celebrate the acquisition of a large area

Our acquisition department has had great success - the acquisition of a large area in Prague, where we will develop a whole new green quarter.


We measured the quality of the indoor environment in Czech flats. The results are alarming

Paradoxically, indoor air can be more harmful in an insulated, above-standard insulated apartment without a high-quality ventilation system than in an old building, where it blows due to leaks. To measure the quality of the indoor environment, we therefore chose more places, differing not only in location, but also in the method of insulation and ventilation techniques.

Measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) or relative humidity and temperature values was designed to compare air quality in apartments in old buildings, prefabricated houses, new buildings and in energy-saving projects with an automatic system of controlled ventilation with heat recovery.

See more in the following → video.

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