Bohdalecké kvarteto

Your house for four instruments of comfort

Acoustic comfort

We are not driven by standards, but by health and comfort. That is why the acoustic parameters of our apartments are better than the requirements of the standards.

We use windows with triple glazing

Whether a tram passes beneath your windows or children shriek from the nearby playground, you will hear almost nothing thanks to the triple-glazed windows and the perfect building envelope.

We have developed a special floor composition and innovative masonry

You won't hear about your neighbours watching a suspenseful horror movie on TV or practicing polka in our apartments. Together with the UCEEB, we have developed a special floor composition that is up to 35% quieter than the standards. We have also been involved in the development of the innovative Vapis10 masonry with excellent acoustic properties. For the interstitial walls, we use a masonry that exceeds the standard requirements by 5 dB.

We pay attention to sophisticated sanitation and quiet pipes

In our apartments, you will not be disturbed by unpleasant noises from the bathrooms and toilets of the neighbours. We use acoustically soundproofed bathtubs for which we have designed a technological procedure for their safe installation. You don't have to worry about the noise from the air conditioning system, which brings fresh air into the apartment. In fact, we use special ducting that is up to 30% quieter, which means that even those who can hear the grass grow can sleep well in our apartments.

Thermal comfort

We are constantly testing new technologies, such as ceiling cooling with an activated concrete core, to keep your apartments comfortable all year round.

Passive shading

Loggias, balconies or suspended roofs influence the direction of the sun's rays, thereby
providing passive shading

Active shading

Exterior blinds connected to a smart home system are standard on all our projects. They actively shade, regulate light in the interior and prevent overheating.

Passive building envelope

Windows with triple glazing and above-standard insulation of all structures of our houses form a passive building envelope that does not transmit heat and contributes to thermal comfort

Green roofs

Green roofs retain water and increase biodiversity, but they also cool the surroundings and prevent the whole building from overheating.

Renewable energy sources

We choose renewable energy sources for heating and cooling the building, for example heating and cooling with water from ground boreholes using a heat pump

Fresh air

All new buildings are so sealed that without controlled ventilation with heat recovery, you need to ventilate every two hours to breathe fresh air. With centrally controlled ventilation with heat recovery, you don't need to ventilate, so spring allergens, cold winter air and dust particles don't enter your home. So you don't have to worry about daily cleaning!


They are an integral part of the heat recovery unit and are used to trap dust and pollen that flies freely in the air.

CO2 sensor

It monitors the concentrations of harmful carbon dioxide and volatile compounds (VOCs) that evaporate from furniture or children's toys so that they do not exceed the permitted standard. Ensures sufficient air supply.

Healthy light

 Large glazed areas and a thoughtful layout ensure plenty of natural daylight.


The generously designed windows, reaching to the ground, do not interfere with the profi ly that would spoil the view outside. Even the smallest children can enjoy the view.

The layout of the houses

The layout of the flats is designed to maximize the time when the sun shines into the living rooms, and the flats have above-standard lighting.

Healthy artificial light

For times of year when natural light is scarce, make use of even and healthy artificial lighting, which we will be happy to advise you on

Psychological well-being

With us, you feel at home from the moment you enter the house. We design the parterres so that you feel comfortable in them. The surroundings of our projects are perfect for gathering with neighbours, children's games, sports or relaxing in nature.

Healthy lifestyle

In our houses we install bicycle service stations, bicycle washing stations and racks or workout elements where you can exercise according to your abilities.

Community gardens

Around our projects you will find thoughtful community gardens and terraces where you can, for example, plant your own vegetables or herbs, barbecue or sit with your neighbours.

Thoughtful benches and rest areas

Our extended benches can accommodate more than one person. And if you want to sunbathe, you can move the bench into the sun.

Mature trees and own shrubs

In the parks around our projects, we plant mature trees and shrubs from our own nursery. So that you feel the right comfort at home.

Bohdalecké kvarteto


Flats sold


Project in a nutshell


Prague 4 – Michle



Type of project

Apartment house

Number of floors


Real estate on offer

Apartments, commercial spaces

Number of units

150+ apartments

Are you looking for a new home that meets your demanding requirements for a combination of modern, comfortable living and all the latest technical features, as well as 21st century design? And also with a wealth of green space close by, albeit in a pulsing modern area? Then your dream will become reality in the form of the new BOHDALECKÉ KVARTETO residential complex in Michle, Prague. This L-shaped building was given its name by four glass towers that come out of the facade and look like piano keys, as well as the location’s specific history. This is because Jan Kubelík, nicknamed the “violin magician of Michle”, was born on U plynárny street, where BOHDALECKÉ KVARTETO is located. The world-famous violin-player and composer, who amazed audiences for years in the world’s top concert venues, took his first breath here and, as a child, heard the first notes of a musical ensemble led by his father, the music enthusiast Josef. Bohdalecké kvarteto, the same as a well-harmonised musical group, offers comfort, meets the highest requirements for healthy living, environmentally-friendliness and architectural design, and is like a harmonious chord for your rest, relaxation and private life.



  • There is a supermarket and a number of other shops, including ATMs and a pharmacy, in walking distance.

  • Close to the building you can find sports facilities by Hamr Pond, which has a number of tennis and squash courts, beach volleyball, table tennis, a gym and a fitness studio.

  • The whole building was designed to a passive energy standard and offers interesting investment apartments.

  • The underground garage parking spaces provide protection from the weather and thieves, as well as the certainty you will always have somewhere to park. In addition to this, there is a small car park by the building that visitors can use.

  • The apartment building has large terraces. In addition, the building’s orientation with southern views ensures that the apartments are well-lit.

  • The automatic system for managing ventilation and heat recuperation will always supply you with fresh air, without draughts and carbon dioxide.

House signs

The concept for the new BOHDALECKÉ KVARTETO building offers not only northern views of forested Bohdalec, especially from the higher floors, but also an oasis right in front of your building, situated, the same as the vast majority of apartments on offer, on the southern side. The internal courtyard contains a grassed area for relaxation with planted trees and is a microworld for children’s games and adult relaxation.

The BOHDALECKÉ KVARTETO residence is architecturally and optically divided by four glass towers with four separate entrances that contain the symbols of a classic string quartet: VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO AND DOUBLE BASS. The fifth side entrance with the CHORD building symbol is a gate in the right angle of the adjacent lower building.


The location of the BOHDALECKÉ KVARTETO residence links up closeness to Bohdalecký vrch Forest Park and the modern area of Michle, which is changing before our eyes, and a range of civic services and excellent transport links. You can get to the very centre of Prague in a mere quarter of an hour, and in a minute you can give yourself over to meditation in the middle of the green Bohdalecký vrch Forest Park, planted with oak, lime, ash, hornbeam, pine and false acacia trees, woven with cycle and walking paths with benches and gazebos. Or enjoy the breathtaking views of Vršovice, Vinohrady, Petřín and Strahov.

1 minute


Thomayer hospital

2 minutes

Hamr sport

10 minutes

Map of Location



Standardní platební kalendář

  • Rezervační smlouvaRezervační poplatek ve výši 80.000,-Kč u bytu velikosti 1+kk, 100.000,-Kč u bytu velikosti 2+kk, 120.000,-Kč u bytu velikosti 3+kk a více; splatný do 5 dnů od uzavření rezervační smlouvy.
  • Uzavření smlouvy o smlouvě budoucíPlatba ve výši 20 % ceny bytu do 10 dnů od uzavření smlouvy o smlouvě budoucí kupní.
  • Oznámení o provedení hrubé stavbyPlatba ve výši 45% ceny bytu - úhrada do 10 dnů od doručení oznámení o provedení hrubé stavby, zápisu rozestavěné budovy do katastru nemovitostí a vkladu zástavní smlouvy ve prospěch financující banky klienta do katastru nemovitostí.
  • Oznámení o provedení rozvodů instalací a omítekPlatba ve výši 25% ceny bytu - úhrada do 10 dnů od doručení oznámení o provedení rozvodů instalací a omítek - doloženého zápisem ve stavebním deníku, příp. fotodokumentací na žádost financující banky, nebo odhadce.
  • Oznámení o kolaudaci stavbyDoplatek ve výši 10% ceny bytu se zohledněním uhrazeného rezervačního poplatku - úhrada do 10 dnů od doručení oznámení o kolaudaci stavby, před podpisem kupní smlouvy.
  • Podpis kupní smlouvy a předání bytu

Apartment configurator

Zařiďte si obývací pokoj a kuchyni v projektu Bohdalecké kvarteto podle svých představ. Díky našemu konfigurátoru se můžete naladit na tu správnou harmonii projektu a zvolit si například elegantní podlahy dle standardů JRD nebo vybrat doplňky od našich partnerů z partnerského programu – nadčasovou kuchyni ze studia Hanák či zdravé a úsporné osvětlení ze studia Elusia.

Náš tip:

Takto označený projekt má k dispozici konfigurátor.

Spustit konfigurátor


Zuzana Fialová

Sales specialist

She looks after you, our clients, from the first contact right up to the handover of the property. She knows virtually everything about the project, because she has generally been part of it since its inception. This makes her the right person for you to turn to in confidence. She works closely with the client changes and partnership programme coordinator and also colleagues from sales support, who act as her right hand throughout the entire project.

Michaela Lukander

Manažer partnerského programu

Michaela vám doporučí spolehlivého partnera, který navrhne funkční řešení celého interiéru a vybaví váš byt kuchyní, nábytkem do obývacího pokoje či ložnice za použití kvalitních materiálů a nadčasového designu. Dále vám představí nabídku na osvětlení bytu, inteligentní domácnost, stěhování či zprostředkuje službu garantovaného nájmu. Usnadní vám vybavení kompletního interiéru bez starostí a díky našim partnerům si vytvoříte komfortní a útulný domov.

Ondřej Dolínek

Hypotéční specialista

Jeho práce spočívá v nalezení ideálního modelu financování pro každého klienta. Provede Vás všemi kroky přípravy a schválení hypotéky. Díky úzké spolupráci nejen s hypotečními bankami, ale i dalšími členy projektového týmu nemusíte dodávat řadu dokumentů potřebných pro zajištění financování. Proces podpisu zástavní smlouvy je zajištěn tak, aby čerpání hypotéky bylo bez jakýchkoli komplikací a včas v souladu s uzavřenou smlouvou.

Petr Valeš

Specialista zdravého bydlení

Petr pracoval v několika projekčních ateliérech a poté zamířil do rezidenčního developmentu. Dnes je Produktovým manažerem JRD Development a především arbitrem kvality zdravého vnitřního prostředí pro všechny naše projekty. A protože je to odborník, který svou práci dělá s obrovským nasazením, neustále ho to vede k posouvání standardů zdravého a šetrného bydlení na nové úrovně.

Jakub Vyčítal

Project manager

Manages projects from the technical and economic aspect. Communicates with authorities and project designers and coordinates building contractors. Organises the manufacturing elements, checks the work performed on the construction and, last but not least, supervises the construction timetable so that your new home is ready on time. He works closely with the sales specialists.



Questions ?

Vyzkoušejte náš nový konfigurátor bytu a zařiďte si obývací pokoj a kuchyni v projektu Bohdalecké kvarteto podle svých představ!