Zelená Libuš

Small town atmosphere, big city comfort

Zelená Libuš

Project in a nutshell


Prague 12 - Libuš

Expected completion date


Type of project

Apartment house

Number of floors


Real estate on offer

Apartments, commercial spaces

Number of units

66 apartments, 6 commercial spaces

Start of sale

October 2017

Start of construction

April 2018

Gross building

March 2019


August 2019

Certificate of occupancy

December 2019

Move in

April 2020

VÁHÁTE MEZI VÝHODAMI BYDLENÍ V METROPOLI A KLIDEM MALOMĚSTA? NA LIBUŠI NAJDETE OBOJÍ. Libuš je jedna z nejklidnějších částí Prahy s neopakovatelnou maloměstskou atmosférou. Můžete si zde se svými blízkými užívat zeleň, klid a bezpečí, na které je Praha skoupá. Přitom do centra metropole se dostanete za třicet minut, na budoucí stanici metra za pět minut. Dopřejte své rodině zdravý, moderní a úsporný domov v klidném prostředí, ale s veškerým komfortem metropole. Nízkoenergetický dům s předzahrádkami, balkony a terasami je vyvýšený, oddělený od okolního terénu. To prohlubuje pocit bezpečí a komorní atmosféru bydlení.

Flat pricelist

Filtrace nabízených bytů







Bytová jednotka

Prices above are tentative and for your information only. The final purchase price will be confirmed by the sales representative and becomes binding with the signing of purchase kontract.



  • Ideal family housing in a peaceful part of Prague.
  • Libuš metro station and the end stop for a tram line in the near future.
  • The green space and safety of a small town, only 25 minutes from the city centre.
  • An ingenious layout, a great purchase price.
  • A passive building with front gardens, balconies and terraces.
  • A healthy internal environment thanks to the managed ventilation system.
  • Full civic facilities.
  • The seven-storey building meets the highest requirements for efficiency, aesthetics and comfort.


600 m² of new retail space, whose character will be chosen most practically with regard to the everyday needs of local people, will be built in the neighbourhood. Nearby you will find everything that a family needs for a good life: nurseries, schools, shops, restaurants, doctors and sports facilities.

The V Hrobech natural heritage area, which has rare types of plants, is a great place for walks in the surrounding area, as is Kamýk Forest Park, Modřany Gorge and Kunratice Stream. You will be close to the best-known Vietnamese market, Sapa, where you can enjoy the best Phó in Prague.

Future residents of the new building can look forward to an ideal location combining the open countryside and easy access to the centre of Prague.  A new metro station on line D and the end station for a tram line will be built in the location in the near future. This will increase the area’s attractiveness and the commuting time to the centre of Prague will be reduced to the minimum.

Map of Location

Project standards

Studio Notakio offers professional interior design services from personal consultations to implementation of a client’s ideas and complete realisation. The largest and most important inspiration for the future creative concept is always the client’s view of the matter and a personal approach by the studio. Thanks to its wealth of experience and monitoring of current trends, Notakio gives its clients practical tips on how to deal with the specific requirements of an interior. For the creation of a cosy home the studio prefers natural materials and links them to modern, stylish fittings.

With the help of a 3D visualisation it has the option of verifying a proposed solution for an interior and examining new materials, compositions and colours in a virtual environment. Notakio arranges materials, realises designs and prepares an apartment for moving in.





Reservation Contract
Reservation fee totalling CZK 50,000 for an apartment with a layout of two rooms + kitchenette, CZK 80,000 for an apartment with a layout of three rooms + kitchenette and CZK 120,000 for an apartment with a layout of four rooms + kitchenette, payable within five days of the conclusion of the reservation contract.

Conclusion of Agreement on Future Contract
A payment of up to 20% of the price of the apartment within 10 days of the conclusion of the agreement on future purchase contract.

Notification of Completion of Building Shell
Payment totalling 45% of the price of the apartment - payment within 10 days of the delivery of a notification of completion of building shell, the entry of the building under construction in the land registry and the entry of a lien in favour of the client’s financing bank in the land registry.

Notification of Completion of Distribution Networks and Plasterwork
Payment totalling 25% of the price of the apartment - payment within 10 days of delivery of notification of completion of distribution networks and plasterwork - documented by an entry in the site log or photographic documentation at the request of the financing bank or appraiser.

Notification of Occupation Approval of Building
An additional payment of 10% of the price of the apartment taking into consideration the reservation fee paid - payment within 10 days of the delivery of notification of occupation approval of the building, before the signature of the purchase contract.
Signature of Purchase Contract and Handover of Apartment


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