Rezidence Červený dvůr

If the trees could talk...

Rezidence Červený dvůr

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Prague 10 - Strašnice



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The Baroque Červený dvůr farmstead stood for centuries in the middle of the wonderful vineyards, which Strašnice used to be famous for. Today, it would be hard to find something that matches its greatness. If you stop in front of the tallest cedar on K Červenému dvoru street, you will see the most beautiful thing that remembers it.  This giant, which was stood for more than a century, is now a mute witness to the construction of the elegant Rezidence Červený dvůr, which sensitively combines the unrepeatable atmosphere of a traditional location with the lifestyle of the 21st century.  YOU TOO CAN BECOME PART OF ITS STORY.

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  • The unique location of a First Republic villa district in Strašnice, Prague

  • Only a few minutes to Želivského station on metro line A

  • Modern technology for the 21st century: passive energy standard, air recuperation, triple glazing and other features

  • Front garden or terrace with every apartment! Views of green space and parks close by

  • A wonderful, 100 year-old cedar in the garden will be retained for you and for future generations

  • A wealth of infrastructure in central Prague is within reach: schools and nurseries, restaurants, shopping centres, sports facilities, theatres, etc.


An old villa district close to Vinohrady, Žižkov and Michle, for two centuries it has been one of the most sought-after residential locations in Prague. And rightly so! It is very easy to get practically anywhere in Prague by metro, tram and bus, it also has stable facilities in terms of schools, restaurants and sports facilities and there is plenty of mature green space.

Rezidence Červený dvůr is exceptional and exclusive in some ways. It is being built on the site of an original farmhouse, Červený dvůr, which gave the whole area its name. A Lebanon cedar that is more than 100 years old is on K Červenému dvoru street and will become part of your new garden.

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Project standards

Studio Notakio offers professional interior design services from personal consultations to implementation of a client’s ideas and complete realisation. The largest and most important inspiration for the future creative concept is always the client’s view of the matter and a personal approach by the studio. Thanks to its wealth of experience and monitoring of current trends, Notakio gives its clients practical tips on how to deal with the specific requirements of an interior. For the creation of a cosy home the studio prefers natural materials and links them to modern, stylish fittings.

With the help of a 3D visualisation it has the option of verifying a proposed solution for an interior and examining new materials, compositions and colours in a virtual environment. Notakio arranges materials, realises designs and prepares an apartment for moving in.





Reservation Contract
Reservation fee totalling CZK 50,000 for an apartment with a layout of two rooms + kitchenette, CZK 80,000 for an apartment with a layout of three rooms + kitchenette and CZK 120,000 for an apartment with a layout of four rooms + kitchenette, payable within five days of the conclusion of the reservation contract.

Conclusion of Agreement on Future Contract
A payment of up to 25% of the price of the apartment within 10 days of the conclusion of the agreement on future purchase contract.

Notification of Completion of Building Shell
Payment totalling 40% of the price of the apartment - payment within 10 days of the delivery of a notification of completion of building shell, the entry of the building under construction in the land registry and the entry of a lien in favour of the client’s financing bank in the land registry.

Notification of Completion of Distribution Networks and Plasterwork
Payment totalling 25% of the price of the apartment - payment within 10 days of delivery of notification of completion of distribution networks and plasterwork - documented by an entry in the site log or photographic documentation at the request of the financing bank or appraiser.

Notification of Occupation Approval of Building
An additional payment of 10% of the price of the apartment taking into consideration the reservation fee paid - payment within 10 days of the delivery of notification of occupation approval of the building, before the signature of the purchase contract.

Signature of Purchase Contract and Handover of Apartment


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